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What is “Escape TLV”?

Escape TLV is a real life escape game, a new sort of social game. A game that not only requires you to use your brain but also to work as a team in order to complete the mission. From the moment the game starts you have exactly 60 minutes   to solve all the riddles and puzzles and escape the room. There is absolutely no need to use physical force , and in this room even google will not help you, all you need is team work and some collective thinking.

The dark order

My name is Jack Simon and i am the keeper of the Free mason’s secret!

Now you listen carefully, we have traitors in our order, I am following them from close by and from time to time there is a 60 minute window when the room is empty and it is a perfect time to strike! I don’t have a lot of time to explain , I need you to put together a team of up to 6 trusted friends and we will try to retrieve our stolen secret!

The Dark Order


How much a human life is worth to you?

Would you spare 60 minutes of your time to save me?

I am in a coma, I feel my time running out, I feel and understand everything around me but I can’t move!

I need you to come here and save me from this living hell!!!



Nahalat byniamin 68 , Tel-Aviv

Perfect for:


Available parking

Restaurant and Bars in a walking distance

suitable for beginners and pros


Family activity


A unique and unforgettable date


Team building for work places


social activity with friends